Over Ten Years of Experience We Have the Website Video Actor for Your Site



We are here to serve your Internet Marketing needs. The exceptional quality your videos can be matched just by our spokespeople's abilitie and much of our production staff's willpower to ensuring your approval.


Were committed to our customers. Our friendly and knowledgeable video specialists will happily solution any questions you may have and help you with your video needs in advance of, during, and after the some ordering process. The fact is, if you need our assistance with setting up the video on the website, we'll help you absolutely free!


As the online face of your business, a Website Presenter can deliver the exact message you want your visitors to hear. Our web spokesperson actors will impress your customers and increase your bottom line.


There are a variety of terms used to describe a Website Presenter. These include: Spokesperson, talking video, website avatar, talking greeter, virtual greeter, walk-on actor, virtual presenter, website greeter, transparent video, virtual face on web, web spokesmodel, online salesperson, etc. Whatever you call it, we proudly offer the best value available!
A Person On Website is the easiest method to interact with guests like nothing you've seen prior. With some of our borderless and transparent video technological know-how, you can produce the illusion on the real person sitting on your site and greeting them. Our mix off price and quality can be unmatched, so learn how to start today.


There is other companies you can actually choose exactly who charge excessive prices and require complicated setup answers. for their Spokes-model videos. We focus on providing a low cost solution! If you want a high-quality and fairly priced Spokesperson Video solution to build trust with customers and increase sales, we are the only choice.
Adding our videos to your website is very easy. Just upload the files we give you and paste in our simple html code. We're happy to help you with installation, free of charge.


Our videos appear on a transparent background so your website will be visible directly behind the body of the spokesperson. This creates the illusion of a person actually standing inside your website! We offer videos with this special effect at a lower price than any other company.


We offer amazing features at the lowest price. Compare our features with the competition, and decide for yourself!


There is NO logo on our video player. We offer clean, unbranded videos at no additional cost. This feature will only be available for a limited time. We plan to add our branding to future videos products, so if you need an unbranded video, order asap!


We let you host a video computer files wherever ones own existing website is already hosted without charge. Our videos will continue to work with ANY SORT OF regular hosting service. Nothing special is needed to host this videos. If you need to us to be able to host this video for your needs, that's cost-free too!


Our Web Presenter are experienced professionals with a wide-range of backgrounds and training in spokesmodeling, acting, broadcast journalism, television, on camera promotions, and live performance. Our Virtual Live Actor are ready to put their talent and positive energy into promoting your product or service.


We guarantee that our videos will play on your website. Our videos work on all types of websites including WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Intuit, Joomla, and more!


Yes, we have access to Video Spokesperson that speak a variety of languages. Give us a call to find out more.


No matter what term you wish to use: Virtual Actor, Web Spokesperson, Online Spokesperson, Web Spokesperson, Spokes-model, Walk On Actor, Virtual Actor, Person on website, Online Spokesperson– we welcome you to out website and we would be love to talk with you about your ideas of using a Internet Marketing.


Put a Spokesperson to your website to delightful visitors and direct those to key zones. Increase conversions and boost leads. Functions html5 canvas meant for Transparent results, but the moment detects mobile device applications standard MP4.


Client Focused


We are invested in all of our customers. Our pleasant and well-informed video qualified personnel will gladly answer any questions you have and assist you with ones video preferences before, all through, and following easy and quick ordering system. In actuality, if you should have our help with setting the video upon your website, we'll assist you to free of charge!


Over Ten Years of Experience

With over Ten Years of experience in the Website Video Actor website industry, we understand the more info market of Web video and Network marketing is our area of expertise.


Professional Video Spokesperson


We pride ourselves on our premium and successful Virtual Live Actors and all our videos are shot and built here at our headquarters to hold quality and perfection. It is most filmed HERE.





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